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We help reduce the stress & physical demands of moving and provide peace of mind for you & your family.

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PHASE 1: Preparation

  • Move planning - timelines & support

  • Create a floor plan for furniture placement

  • Label items to keep, sell, give and/or discard

  • Coordinate with charities for donation of items

  • Downsizing assistance

Phase 1

PHASE 2: Ready to Go

  • Schedule moving company for move day

  • Obtain mover’s estimate

  • Delivery of all boxes and packing materials

  • Professional packing by the Next Phase team

  • Move day oversight and coordination

Phase 2

PHASE 3: Home, Sweet Home

  • Unpack & put away your belongings

  • Remove boxes and packing materials

  • Line shelves and arrange your new kitchen & bath

  • Reconnect TVs, computers, lamps & clocks

  • Hang pictures, artwork and decorate

  • Tidy-up and make beds for your first night

Phase 3

PHASE 4: Additional Services Available

  • Organizing & de-cluttering

  • Communication with family members during the process

  • Document shredding

  • House & garage clean out before or after the sale

  • Transfer/disconnect of utilities & services

  • Storage and long-distance shipping

  • Photo inventory of items moved, stored, donated or discarded

Phase 4
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