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It was a pleasure working with you and I could not have accomplished cleaning out my aunt's place in San Diego without you & your team. You made the impossible easy; organizing all of the stuff she accumulated over 35 years and either getting some a home or disposing properly. All in a very short time. Thanks and I wish you peace, good health and prosperity this holiday season.

– Keith from Connecticut

Dear Margaret,


Your daughter Haley and the entire team who worked with us were so outstanding! From the moment we first contacted Next Phase Move Assistance, you were so professional, open and clear about selecting the most appropriate service for our needs, pricing plans, scheduling, and coordination of all services.


Thank you for making the extremely challenging, and overwhelming task of sorting through and packing up our mother’s belongings manageable and painless. My sister and I had such a positive experience, especially given the stress of the task.


Your team was organized, efficient, sensitive to our emotional vulnerabilities, empathetic, respectful, and deeply compassionate as we all sorted through every single artifact of our more than 70 years of family history.


As baby boomers, we had come to recognize that although the spirit was willing to address the very physical work of clearing out and packing up the family memories, our bodies were not quite up to the task. Having others to help, as well as share in this process, literally took the weight off of our shoulders.


We ended the day feeling lighter, better able to move forward with the next phase of our lives, and to care for each other and for Mom. Thanks again for everything.


-Phaizon and Bari Wood

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